Uncommon Grounds

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Praise for “Uncommon Grounds”

This collection is a lovely excursion into Woman as Creator and Poet, where a simple cup of coffee invites various Muses to the kitchen table.  Linda Hatfield’s levels of connection perform like a well-executed tightrope act.  Kimberlee Jones invites repetitions into song, into ‘found’ word treasures and scenes that women take for granted, but then honour in poetry.  Sharon Christie’s meditations offer the intricate revelations of secrets, while Crystal Andrushko makes smooth meaning from the smallest of terms in the locations of women.  Yulit Price explores naked and primal sounds between mother and child.  Laurie Fuhr revels in the fluid mix of words and turns meaning into motion. In contemplation of silence, Fuhr expresses a world.  As each poet trusts their artistic crucible, they offer first looks at their artistic muse, unafraid of power, using its potential to write fearless poetry.

Vivian Hansen
 author of A Tincture of Sunlight

“A powerful collection of warm, heart-filled truth. Well worth the read”

V. Rose

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